Despite my best efforts, Leavingamerika.com has repeatedly failed to attract the kind of sustained readership that makes it worth the considerable time and effort it takes to write a blog of this scope.

My only consolation is that it served as a warning to me not to waste the next several years of my life trying to write a book that is unlikely to ever be finished or published, let alone read.


10 thoughts on “The End

  1. From one wondering expat to another, don’t be too glum. The world is a harsh place, especially the virtual one. Of course, as they say, wherever you go, there you are. Living the life of an expat is a great privilege, if not always a perfect experience.

    PS. I liked your stuff on Egypt.

    Bon voyage wherever you (and your wife) may go next.


    1. thx for the kind words re the ps — stay tuned for more “egypt” stuff in fictionilzed form down the road. i held back on much of my commentary re the sybaritic life there, for obvious reasons, personal safety being one of them.


  2. Please let us know what you decide. It seemed for a bit like Tavira was completely out, then the weather got nice and things improved. Also, there are other, less-Birkenstock-infested regions of Portugal that might appeal to you more. Tavira looks nice to us as well, from here in the States, which is one reason I was following your observations on a daily basis. The other, of course, was your snarky asides.


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