The Hoopoe, or Hudhud in Arabic

As many of you who read this blog know, I am “based” in Florida.

This means — News Alert! — I live in a right-wing state, one that has a fairly substantial amount of  geezer neanderthals who live hand to mouth on Social Security and the pathetic 50K they managed to save after working up North for 40 years.

These geniuses don’t quite realize that “our troops” is nothing but a money machine operation that has nothing to do with defending America.

They think the “Mexicans” are about to invade their back yard, but rely on those same Mexicans to trim the grass and fix the roof. as they vote, year in, year out, for a bunch of crooked politicians who rob them blind, while promising them a whole bunch of batshit crazy crap involving the coming Rapture, white power, and the right to buy as many AK-47s as they can afford.

For the younger version of this lowlife demographic, or those who managed to move here with 250K clear after selling the house up North, you also get to throw in a shiny F-250 truck that most get on credit from the Ford dealership down the street.

This unneeded behemoth will of course go repo in a New York minute the moment their mortgage goes under water or the 5 or  7 year balloon payment comes due.

Based on any reasonable criteria (except for the weather between, say, late October and mid April) there is no conceivable reason why any right-minded individual would want to live here full-time, particularly since the days of buying a small place East of US1 for under 100K went out with the 80s.

That Florida was cool enough for a white trash white boy, if you liked to hang out doing pretty much a lot of nuttin’ all day except watching football on weekends, drinking beer all day every day, partaking of weed when the dopeman was around, screwing the waitress at the local dive where bands did Lynyrd Skynyrd covers on Friday night, going beach fishing on Sundays with a hangover, and maybe working 2 days a week at the auto body shop, when not putting up drywall as a Home Depot subcontractor — all in all, a lifestyle that would collapse if not sustained by a SNAP card that allows your pissed off wife and meth head kid to eat cuz y’all live below the official US poverty line, while you mutter under your breath about niggers taking what’s rightfully yours in this beautiful, God-fearing country.

This is pretty much the majority of Trump’s so-called base.

This is what you get to see from the Florida panhandle all the way down to the Palm Beach county line.  This is what you see in Georgia, the Carolinas, the deep South, and creeping all the way up along America’s spine to the even more batshit crazy Northwest.

So tonight there’re going to be this big wail of a speech about some fucking wall by the orange asswipe, and you have to ask yourself:  is it to keep people out, or keep us all in?

If places like Egypt and Gaza are little more than open air prisons, America is a prison too, but in less obvious ways, ways that seep into the fabric of American society such that you don’t notice, after a while, how you are being watched everywhere you go, that your name and age and place of residence and phone number and email and credit history and online behavior are tracked and bought and sold every day like you’re some cheap trailer park slut who gives 5 dollar blow jobs now that your looks are gone  and the older guy you live with is some violent, crazy motherfucker with a warrant out on his ass for something that happened in New Mexico.

But this is normal; this is why we have to have that wall; this is why we still are the last best hope, and we have a man in the White House chosen by God to lead us all to the promised land.


God help us all in the days ahead.

leaving america

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