The Matrix meets the Egyptian flag pre 1952

I’m getting bored w/ all the geezers in power still driving the political agenda in this country; it’s time for the new generation to take over and kick some Republican ass.

Here‘s an excellent Opinion piece in The Guardian by Prof. Carol Anderson as to what needs to be done in 2019 and beyond.

Meanwhile, Trump and his repellent enablers continue to disgust no end; yet the Democratic party leader is kinda getting up there.

These elderly politicians — Schumer is my age! Nancy is 10 years older! — are a bit long in tooth to create a sense of passion with young voters.

It’s not just age, which make them come across like scolding grandparents.

They have too much baggage — like unflagging support for the Zionist colonial occupation project, or rebuffing AOC on climate change:

I realize you have to pick your battles, but climate change in particular is the freight train light coming at us in a dark tunnel at full speed.

Something drastic has to be done right now.

The best laid plans…

Is it ageist to say that it’s time for this whole cadre of geezers to step aside, and make room for the new generation of leaders in today’s vibrant America?

There is a reason why the traditional retirement age for CEOs at IBM is 60.

Sen  Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi’s main legacy now should be to ensure that the grifter is removed from office as soon as possible, and that laws are passed such that  a grotesque abomination such as this divisive, corrupt, potentially treasonous fuckface is never again elected President.

Then, with all due respect, I hope they gracefully step aside — Bernie too! — and let a younger, newer generation of pols fix what’s wrong with this country: the gun thing, the health care thing, the supporting murderous dictators and apartheid states thing, the border security thing, the gerrymandering thing, the dark money thing, the bad Federal judges thing, the endless foreign wars thing, and on and on and on.

This means developing a gutsy and muscular liberal agenda with teeth, running on it, and if the country embraces it in 2020, changing everything that needs to be fixed, as soon as possible.

Schumer and Pelosi are incapable — IMHO — of dong that.

SOP boarding on the Loxahatchee River
Fat me on my SUP

We are probably entering one of the more entertaining periods of the Trump flameout.

But my mind is gagging from all the political junk food I’ve been stuffing myself with since mid-December; and I want 2019 to be a personally productive year, before it slips away.

Real life is intruding, as is my unflagging ambition.

There have been some significant unplanned expenditures that I have had to make in the last few weeks, fixing the car, getting new appliances, and taking care of various things, such as pipe leaks and destroyed vegetation outside the house.

I need more money that I have right now.

Who doesn’t, except for Bezos and his soon-to-be ex?
So I’m putting the clamps on the purse strings for a wee bit, and focusing on doing useful stuff that’s either free, not very costly, or absolutely necessary — such as the house repair stuff, that is being done is stages, between now and the summer, as money comes in, and my startup project, which needs to become more of a reality.

Right now, all trips this year are on hold.

Writing a blog takes time.

Time to use it more wisely, such as doing things that are more productive than watching political TV and tweeting the night away and trying to find a dream palace overseas that no longer exists.

As a result, this blog — which after all is about Leaving America — will ghost up for a bit (though you can still find me on my sister blog,, which is all about tech stuff) as I work on my belated 2019 New Year resolutions.


living healthy
There is going to be lots of this in 2019

So… the envelope please… (drum roll)…. my resolutions for 2019 are:

  • lose 60 lbs (i.e., 27.2 kg, or 4.2 st., if you’re into the stone thing) in 1 year
  • create new distribution channels for the e-commerce site I manage
  • learn JS/Vue.js
  • upgrade my MaridaDB skills
  • develop a working prototype of my SB project
  • continue fixing up the house
  • continue reading non fiction as it relates to tech
  • read at least 10 Arabic novels in translation
  • create at least 5 cool Islamic geometric arabesques using CSS3
  • use my SUP board at least once a week, bicycle 5 times a week, and go for regular power walks where I have to go up hills or walk on sand
  • use the pool a lot more, once the repulsive snowbirds have left
  • do some family stuff that I will leave unspecified
  • keep finances in order, and eliminate long extravagant trips overseas until the tech side of things starts bringing in some disposable income

Okay;  that is a full plate for a a geezer like me.

Let’s see if I accomplish any of it during the course of 2019. And now, without further ado, I bid you ma’ el salama.

See you around, strangers!

leaving america

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