SUP board
It’s been waiting patiently next to my bike

Sometimes when you start on a fitness program, you can’t stop pushing yourself. If you don’t have some sort of workout, you don’t feel right somehow. Today I decided to ride my bike to a paddle board shop on Old Dixie Rd.  It has direc access to the Intercoastal near the St Lucie river inlet, in an area known as Manatee Pocket. The owner had never heard of my SUP board make, which is an Alii crossover longboard from Hawaiian Pro Designs, and a classic that is no longer made (by hand) by Donald Takayama.  Too bad they have to find a new (supposedly certified) Water Yoga instructor; the young guy said they should be resuming sometime in June. I asked if he was a yogi, and answered every mornin’, before work. I took snaps of some authentic Old Florida conch houses by the railroad Ol’ Flagler laid down back in the day, and rode by a house whose owner was trying  to deracinate a palm in her lawn with a pickup truck. By the time I returned home, I was 258 lbs — a loss of 2 lbs — and it wasn’t just all water, as I kept myself hydrated in the 85 degree heat and 70 per cent humidity. Here are the pics.

port salerno port salerno port salerno manatee pocket manatee pocket manatee pocket manatee pocket manatee pocket manatee pocket mangrove manatee pocket Old Dixie Rd conch houses flagler railroad track


leaving america


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