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I’ve been stuck on 260 lbs for days, and I need to lose 10 lbs by the end of May. This means I have to incur a calories deficit of 11,667 (35,000 / 3) per week, given that you have to burn off 3,500 calories to lose 1 lb.

This translates into 1,667 calories per day deficit, to lose 10 lbs between now (May 12) and the end of the month.

My current BMR is  of 2,182 calories per day; that is what I burn doing nothing.

If I ate nothing at all, I would lost the 10 lbs by the end of the month, no problem. But I would probably also lapse into a coma.

So let’s say I manage (more or less) to stick to a strict ~1200 calories-a-day diet.

That means my BMR would only burn off a “free” 982 calories a day (2192 – 1200).

To get back to the magic number of 1667, I would have to exercise enough to burn off an added 685 calories to meet my goal (982 + 685).

Using an online bicycle calculator (bike riding is my preferred form of cardio), I can calculate how long I have to ride to burn off calories.

So let’s take a real world example.

Yesterday I ate two sandwiches (consisting of 4 thin slices of bread, combined with half a grilled chicken) and a Magnum ice cream bar for dessert.  Here’s what that added up to.



4 slices

Notice all the crappy chemicals

400 calories (this is horrifying, so from now on, only 1 folded slice of bread / per sandwich, per meal)


chicken pieces

1/2 breast, skinless (I’m guessing that amounted to 100 grams)

165 calories

Olive Oil

1.5 teaspoons

60 calories

Ice cream

ice cream

1 Magnum vanilla chocolate bar

275 calories (another bad number, so this is why you have to cut out anything with sugar: even though ice cream bar sizes are dwarf sized nowadays, compared to, say, the original Dove bar, when it first came out)


900 calories

How many calories do I burn off when I ride my bike to the gym?

calorie count

So if my goal is to have a daily calories deficit of 1,667, then you just have to do the arithmetic and plug in the number numbers.

I call this the Beast Mode formula, and it looks like this:

BMR + Calories In – Calories Out < 1667 (daily goal for losing 10 lbs from 5-13-19 to the end of May)

In this case, the (again, great simplified: this is to get a ballpark figure: for example, it does not take into account any extra calories burned off doing yoga or at the gym o lifting weights at home) formula (for me to lose 10 lbs in 20 days or so) to calculate how many calories I burned yesterday is:

-2182 (BMR) + 900 (FOOD) – 539 (BIKE RIDE) = -1821

So I made it with 154 calories to spare (1,821 – 1,667).

Without a doubt, 1200 calories per day restricted diet is an enormous stress on the system.  This is why many experts recommend yoga to help you maintain Beast Mode.

But you still have to really want it.

clint eastwood

If Dirty Harry were more than just an old celluloid fantasy, he might say to me in particular, “Given that you have no metabolism due to your thyroidectomy, and you have to rely on Synthroid pills every day and a shot liver to produce from the Synthroid the T3 hormones you need to lose weight, well, you’re gonna have to ask yourself, do your really feel you have it in you, punk?”

So… do I?

leaving america





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