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The face fat alone makes me want to puke

Despite cutting out all sugars, meat, alcohol, pasta and whatever else (bananas, strawberries, milk etc) is bad for you, since last Friday, my weight remains stuck at 260 lbs.

I do not accept this.

Thus, I decided on Sunday night to go on a COMPLETE FAST, meaning all I ingest now is water, and 1 cup of black coffee in the morning.

This is DAY 2 of this EXTREME fast.

Though my weight remains stuck at 260 lbs, I feel better, cleaner.

Yesterday, I decided to buy ketone urine test strips, to make sure I do not lapse into diabetic (vs nutritional) ketoacidosis — though I do not know if I have Type 2 diabetes or not; I have never been diagnosed with it.

Today my morning ketone urine level was ~40Mg/DL; it went down to SMALL yesterday (on the color chart), as I drank water throughout the day, which is good — this means I’m most likely not pre-diabetic.

To make sure, I’m scheduled for a physical next Wednesday.  I’m going to insist that my doctor prescribe a comprehensive blood test to determine for sure if I have diabetes or not.

In the meantime, I’m exercising like a fiend, stretching my body like a fakir, and drinking lots of water. I mean A LOT.  I figure I’m going through at least 12 – 15 bottles of purified water a day, probably more; the theory being all this water is flushing out all the “toxins” in my body.

Hydrating feels good, and wards off yoga cramps, though being so thirsty worries me, as it is a sing o being a pre diabetic.

Oddly, I feel lighter, though I do not weigh less.

Despite NOT eating anything since Sunday, I continue to lift weights, bicycle ride like a madman everywhere I can, and go to yoga and Tai Chi classes.  It is very time consuming to do all this. and I do have a part time job taking care of an e-commerce web site, but I’m managing to make the time — despite all the stomach growling.

There are lot of posts on the Internet about fasting to break a weight plateau.

My weight gain was caused by this horrible drug called Methimazole, which lead me to gain 70 lbs over 3 years after my Graves’ Disease was diagnosed.

Trying to shed these 70 lbs — after I had my thyroid gland removed — since 2013 has been one long nightmare.  I no longer have a natural metabolism; thus, I must take Synthroid every day to artificially compensate.

I have tried many times during the past 5 or so years to lose the 70 lbs.

I have never succeeded, except last year, in Gouna, Egypt, when I got down to 225, by barely eating (the unsanitary level of Egyptian food prep gave me diarrhea).

But the weight came right back after I returned to the States.

Finally, last month, I had enough.

I was ready to do ANYTHING to get rid of this unsightly, ungainly paunch.

It is disgusting to look at; it makes bike riding an ordeal; and causes many yoga poses to be almost impossible to achieve.

I refuse to accept this state of affairs, and will no longer tolerate looking like a fat old trailer park Florida fuck.

The only thing I can think of doing is forcing my body to accept the fact that in order to survive it must eat its own body fat.

This is not without risk, thus the ketone test strip — to make sure I do not lapse into DKA and maybe die. 

I am not going to eat again until I am at 255 lbs.

That is just how it’s going to be.

Because I have finally decided that I decide now, not my insecurities, how things will go in that regard.

My body needs to understand that my brain is the only food decision maker in the room — not my immense stomach.

So far, it hasn’t been too brutal going without food for a day.

In fact, I rather enjoy it.

The idea of food is slowly beginning to repel me. The whole repulsoidal toilet paper thing… so uneccessary.

So, whenever I get hunger pangs, I drink water.

If I feel like I can’t take it anymore, I meditate — focusing on my breath, using the techniques I have learned in yoga class.

My BMR at 260 is around 2,100 cals.

Since it take 3,500 to burn a pound of fat, I should burn off 2 – 3 lbs or so by Friday — if I just not eat without doing any exercise.

That’s not good enough.

I want 5 lbs off by the 17th, which means only one thing: pushing the calorie-burn envelope to the max.

After posting this, I’m going on an 20-mile bike ride on hilly terrain.

If that doesn’t cause me to break 260 TODAY, I don’t know what will.

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