67 is not looking so bad any more

About a month ago, I started this weight loss program at 270 lbs.

Last weekend, I felt stuck at 260.

So I fasted.  My ketones went way up, and I bagged the fast after 2 days.

Nevertheless, I now weight 255 lbs.

So I lost 15 lbs in about a month.  I still have 14 days to meet my target weight of 250 lbs for May.

I shall not be missing this target, Buddha willing.

So, how do I feel?

It is true that I somehow wrenched my lower back two days ago, which has crimped my style.  I am looking forward to the Iyengar yoga class tomorrow at 10:30am. My hope is that I can self-readjust the spine and hips to make the issue vanish.

Though I still look fat, I notice my balance is returning.

I have now passed the test of being able to put on skivvies without having to holding on to something to keep me steady.

I am much faster on my bicycle.

The ride that used to be an old man put put, is now quite rapid — and I just focus on the road ahead, and no longer am compelled to say hi everyone who crosses my path.  I am going too fast for that; they can see I doing serious biking now.

I would have done more weight work at the gym, but my lower back issue has prevented that.  My hope is that next week, when I go for my annual physical, I will be given the go ahead to crank up the weights and pace — and maybe some Tramadol.

While I still look obese to the average person, I know my clothes are starting to tell a different story.  My waist size has gone down about 2 inches.

So everything is going in the wrong the right direction (a line from an old Stones song, found on the underappreciated Between the Buttons album), but I need to do major work on my posture, and spinal alignment.  I am going to do some serious yoga work (which will become progressively easier as I lose the lard), in order to fix that.

I am finding that the key thing for me has been to completely ignore what the pig in  the White House is doing, or the disaster that is Brexit, and focus on my own shit.  On the positives of the here and now.  On the great things that are going be happening, instead of yesterday’s papers.

For example, we are going to be adding a new purebred German German shep puppy to the household around August.

I will be traveling north by car with my wife during that time, to pick Harlow (that is the puppy’s name: she has not been born yet, but her Mama is carrying at least 5 pups!) up in Maryland, and then go visit my mother in NY for a bit, and escape the Florida heat.

Meanwhile, we have to fix our house up, and get it ready for the baby girl.

She is going to be a companion for us for then next 10-15 years, Buddha willing, and I plan to have many adventures with her.  There is nothing like having a sheppie around the house, and as I get older, and finally do become an old man, well, there’s nothing like having a 90-lb German Shepherd around to make sure that no one even thinks about fucking with you.

Will I be training her to do shutzhund?  I have not yet decided.  Maybe; maybe not. Depends on the looming war in Iran.  I’ll volunteer for that, no problem, front line duty even — so long as I also see Fat Don and Mustache John and Pompous Mike up there with me in the trenches.

Since that’s never happening — chicken hawk asswipes just love to see other people’s children die while their own are sipping Pina Coladas on some yacht — if I turn into Bruce Lee by the end of the summer, who knows? Maybe the schutzhund thingie will be a go.

Then again, there is the fact that I’ll soon be turning 68.

Unlikely to do that great in a martial arts and trained K9 situation, no matter how fit I get. That is just how it is.

What else?

With summer here, the odious 86-year Republican geezer across the street from us now wanders around like a zombie.  He has no one to talk to, as all the snowbies have gone. He still tries every day to be as annoying as possible, but sometimes he doesn’t walk too good.

Yesterday is not soon enough for this creep to go to that special place in the sky that the great Buddha reserves for such people.

Other than the continued unwelcome presence of this neighbor from hell, all seems to be going well.

To paraphrase what a famous QB once said, I can’t wait till tomorrow, as I’m getting better looking by the day!

And so long as I have my marbles, almost anything is still possible.


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