1st Palestinian Literary Festival in NYC

palestinian currency
Ghassan Kanafani (غسان كنفاني) — one of Palestine’s most important writers — murdered by the Mossad in 1972. Image copyright Jehad Naji

To any who might be interested in the story of the theft of Palestine by a group of Messianic terrorists who were abetted by the UK and France a century ago, as well as the continued resistance to this day by the Palestinean people to the Zionist colonial project, make sure you register for this upcoming festival in March 2020.

Palestine Writes Back will be taking place in Manhattan, at the NYU Kimmel Center.

If you act fast, the early bird special is good for the next 3 days (till Oct 31st, 2019).

Art, including of course literature — and not guns or violence — is one of the most powerful and engaging ways to get the Palestinian POV — without resorting to tedious propaganda — across to many in the US, whose eyes have been blinded by a relentless, coordinated and well financed fog machine of historical hokum on this tragic subject.

I can’t wait to revisit my old alma mater!

leaving america


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