Pink and Purple at 16

german shep pups

Here’s a closeup of two female German Shepherd puppies. They were born in Florida 16 days ago, part of a 9-pup (7 boys!) litter.

The breeder has temporarily named the beauty on the left “Pink.” The other baby girl is “Purple.”

Pink is the larger of the two, and my wife’s fave at the moment.

We are second-in-line to pick (after the breeder), and he has apparently decided he will be choosing a girl first.

So, it’s not sure if we will get Pink, but Purple is equally adorable, and I’m sure that at age 68, I wouldn’t terribly mind dealing with a more petite dog.

Our last shep – Saba – who alas went to doggie heaven last year, reached 95 lbs at her peak, and was something of a handful to walk initially.

I wish they would open their eyes already… maybe they’ll do so by Christmas!

leaving america


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