The Shiba Inu who came to visit

shiba inu
Kobe being dropped off at my wife’s store on Sunday morning

Meet Kobe, the gentlle little Shiba Inu who is using our house as his personal AirBnb for the next 5 days. He’s staying for free of course, as Kobe’s owner is a friend of my wife’s.

It’s been a year since we’ve had a dog around, so I reckon Kobe’s good practise as a trial run for the coming of Geneva, our German Shep puppy who’s arriving in a month.

shiba inu
Kobe having a snack in the living room

He’s a little traumatized right now, but did his peepees in the yard, explored the house to check out who’s who and what’s what, and wolfed down the hard boiled egg I’d prepared for him special last night.

shiba inu

Very quiet dogs, these Shiba Inus: he hasn’t barked once since coming here.  Much more delicate than a 95 lbs German German shep!

leaving america


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