Hitting an empty beach at dawn

I was going to write a sensitive post about how I miss Kobe, and get mushy about how I used to bring my GSD Saba to this beach until some bulldyke Animal Control bitch ruined it for us.

I had to go to court to defend my dog, which cost me $500 and resulted in the sweetest sheppie in the world getting a dangerous dog record and me almost landing in county.

Instead of going into more detail about this unpleasant episode, I’ll  just upload moody coastal snaps and vids of my final walk of the year on the beach near where I live.

For those who were wondering about Kobe.  He is now back home, but it has not gone well, as it seems he really misses me and has gone on a hunger strike.  My wife told his owner what kind of treats he enjoys (plain yogurt, raw carrots, hard boild eggs served cold,  and bacon bits), so I’m sure things will straighten out in a day or two.

this men’s room didn’t even have a door for a least a decade but at least it was open and you could clean your fish inside
how private, and notice the phoney baloney nine-elevenish jive.
the asswipe ageing lifeguard who hated Saba and called the lesbo Animal Control cunt on his cell phone hung out here in his stupid little tower of power for years. I once saved a geezer’s life on this beach, and never even got a limp biscuit thank you for getting the inattentive lifeguards to call EMT in time, while oblivious tourists — including the usual semi inebriated Southern white trash (I’m not saying that lot’s inbred, just that they could be), uppity snowbirds from the North East, and of course the inevitable el cheapo, we-drive-all-the-way-down-here in our used RVs poutine munchers — were doing a Weekend at Bernie’s as the guy lay there, unconscious and baking on the hot sand
Welcome to Trumplandia, where the motto is Fuck the Disabled
This used to be a direct path with convenient concrete steps to the beach, until some pissant 1%-er decided to block access with this ugly fence and impenetrable sea grape stand
It’s hard to see in this pic, but most everyone walks their pooches here off a leash. On the other hand, I had to appear in court for dog walking here while Arab. True story.
It’s not unusual to see shark and dolphin here in summer, if the water is clean enough
So why move to Portugal, when the Atlantic is 15 minutes away from my house, and everyone speaks English and you dont have to hassle with a fucking visa to stay longer than 3 months?


So awesome a view, the word “microplastics” hardly ever comes to mind. It’s different in Summer, though, when the black mayonaise and neon green sludge drifts down from an inlet just a few miles away… not far from the nuclear power plant. You read that right. A nuclear facility located splat in the middle of where Cat 3-5 storms have landed in the last decade and a half.
There are some beautiful homes on this barrier island. Island cops used to love to bring their girlfriends into them for a dalliance when the owners were away during the long off-season.
Soon after the start of the Bush 2 Iraq invasion, various companies used to engage in copter maneuvers on the beach. Prescott Bush used to own a house here. Concidence? You decide.
This osprey is probably not thinking about why Elizabeth Warren’s husband made $400K last year as a professor at Harvard, where the average janitor makes $12.75/hr
The good news is that while he lives only a few miles south of here, fat Donny has probably never swum these waters: mulligan golf with Tiger is more his speed


leaving america


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