German Shep Puppies’ 1st Walk Outside

Here is Geneva our soon to be GSD puppy with her litter, at 29 days old, going outside the pen for the first time..

I don’t know what the constant door or gate slamming noise is all about, but it has been heard in all the vids the breeder has taken.

We get to see Geneva (that is to say, the girl shep we end up with) in 2 weeks!

All the puppies look beautiful, so whichever of the two girls dogs ends up being ours will be just perfect.

Update 1/4/20:  notice in the vid the mother’s hanging teats, aka mudder’s udders.  I understand that a risk in letting your dog have pups is that sometimes them mamms don’t go back to looking normal. Be that as it may, the breeder just texted my wife to let us know that Geneva’s Mama now runs away from the pups when she sees them converging on her: 9 sets of sharp little puppee teeth can’t be fun; it’s probably going to be closing time at the Milk Bar any day now.

leaving america


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