islamic geometry
kairouan tile pattern

Have I reached the 4th life stage of renunciation and detachment?

Will I retreat to a forested wilderness and spend my final days extinguishing all traces of ego in the hopes of achieving Nirvana?

Fuck, no.

I’m am just a secular blog writer, man. Or, to phrase it redundantly, just another JAG, who observes the world and figures out what he wants to do before packing it in.

Often that is nothing.

I read with bemusement this NYT magazine article about a Gulf emir who likes to be called BMZ.  I learned with particular interest of his interference in Egyptian political affairs that resulted in the fall of the now deceased Morsi.

He’s one of those dudes who think they are so important they can impose their particular view of reality on others.

But the arrogance of privilege is not my problem  — though I remember what it felt like when I was like that.

Rather, what’s more crucial to me is… what am I about today?

Hier, or imbarah, if you will, I accomplished much of what I said I would do in yesterday’s post.

Today there will more of the same.  Working on getting the enclosure ready for Geneva, our German shepherd puppy.  This is literally back-breaking work, standing up all extended, 4 – 5 feet off the ground, straining to wipe and clean the mold off the beams of a lanai 12-15 feet high.

There shall be the usual 30 minute bike ride.  The swim in the pool, sometime in the afternoon., The prep of monkish brown rice, that I will have with hard-boiled, organic brown eggs and some plain low fat yoghurt. Yes, I’m happy to report I seem to have lost 4 lbs in the past week. Boring does have its silent rewards.

I might but probably won’t order The Cosmic Script today, despite its “Gulf chic” heft and price.

I need to summon the energy to reapply myself to the  study Eric Broug‘s Islamic Geometric Patterns book.  I want to do all his exercises using SVG as a drawing medium, instead of pen and paper.  Which means I have to level up my vector skills, Victor.eric broug book

I contacted Broug on Twitter last year, but have not pursued it after being banned for calling Theresa May and Boris a pair of stupid c**ts.  That was vulgar and unwise, but at the time I was still major pissed off at Brexit rendering my EU-UK passport worthless in terms of allowing me to move hassle free to Schengen, should the orange clown be re-elected in November.

Moderation in the face of relentless stupidity is probably a more mature response.

But I won’t renounce and detach. though I should.  I do think Brexit is mad. I do think the US is becoming a grotesque country.  Hardly original in either regard.

For now, other than the terrifying prospect of raising a German Shepherd at my age, and losing tons of weight, I shall try to create digital art.

It may seem like a trivial conceit, but it’s a healthy pastime for a man who is already way past his time.

gsd icon




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