Mustafa Kassem RIP

mustafa kassem
RIP ya batl

Another victim of the murderous Egyptian dictator, abdel-Fattah El Sisi. I hope Egypt is punished by the US to the fullest extent possible for all the Human Rights abuses perpetrated in the country since El Sisi’s Gulf-financed coup.  I am never returning to Cairo, where I grew up, until Masr has a freely and democratically-elected President who represents all the people of Egypt. This probably means I shall never set foot in Egypt again. Kassem was, just like me, an Egyptian emigrant who landed in NY, and became a naturalized US citizen.  You might want to read this piece, which appeared in the NY Times in 2018. It was written by his brother. He describes the tragic circumstances of Mustafa’s arrest in 2013, when he was in Egypt roughtly around the same time I was.  In Egypt, many refer to El Sisi as ouzz’a, which is Cairene slang for dwarf. Rarely in modern Egyptian history has a leader of this storied country appeared so small and morally diminished. My sole comfort is that few are likely to weep when Sisi meets his inevitable fate.

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