DIY Dog Grille

dog grille
Geneva’s habitat — still a work in progress

I put up the first set of doggie protector grilles today on the back porch.  One panel done; eight more to go!

Geneva our baby shep is arriving at the end of the month; I really don’t want her going through the screens in our back porch, if she suddenly decides to chase Mr Squirrel, who likes to hang out on the tree you see on the left.

It was a time consuming but satisfying DIY job, and I think the result isn’t half bad.

Really need to figure out how to set up a portable barrier that will actually keep gators out at night from wandering into the yard. It cannot be a permanent structure, due to association rules.

In other news, my wife brought home a crate, which Geneva is going to use for a while, until she is too big for it.  The main purpose of this crate is for Geneva to have her own space inside the house where she can chill by herself if she wants to.

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