Here is a new puppy vid.

Geneva can be seen at .32.  She also gets nipped by Moma a few seconds later. She doesnt have a collar; the puppies with collars aren’t spoken for et.  Notice how her ears are already up!

Meanwhile, the rain stopped, so I put on a better glove over my right hand, and used vinegar and water instead of bleach to wipe off the mold with a sponge.

Here are some pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did have a spray bottle with bleach that I used sparingly in the tough spots.  I did not know vinegar was so effective in getting rid of mold. Go green!

I also found out that baking soda + vinegar not only has a cool chemical reaction, but cleans the mold spores on the concrete floor of the porch quite nicely.

You can see rust starting to form in the one spot I missed with the Rust-Oleum spray on the grilles.  I will fix this tomorrow when I put 3 more grilles up.

Very pleased I was able to get this mold thing done today without having a major accident, although the wrist burn episode from the bleach was rather unpleasant.

I shoud be done with getting the porch ready by Friday, depending on when the additional shipment of grilles comes in at Lowes.

Lastly, I know I look out of shape.  That is because I am out of shape.

Nothing like a German Shepherd puppy to make you lose those extra pounds.

Can’t wait for the beach walks to start!

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