Scraping By

wood stork

I accomplished quite a bit yesterday, but not everything that was on my to-do list in preparation for the arrival of our German shep puppy this weekend. As a former IT project manager, I am not overly pleased with this.

I still have to scrape, sand, prime, then paint a number of base beams that are part of what holds up the lanai screen.

I plan on finishing up that final set of preparatory tasks today.

It looks like there will be no rain, which is always pleasant when you have outside work to do.

I received a message yesterday from Lowe’s. Twelve screens will be arriving tomorrow.

Since almost all the prep will be done (except for applying Rust-Oleum to the grilles) by the end of the day, installing them tomorrow should be pretty quick — it’s the most crucial deliverable of the project.

By way of contrast, the prep work is dirty, tedious, dangerous if you’re careless, and exhausting labor for someone my age:  hour after hour of scraping and sanding and vacuuming fine dust particles, and cleaning off surfaces with denatured alcohol.

It’s also a major pain the butt to string out the frog tape, then carefully try to paint first white oil-based primer then white acryclic latex paint without getting splotches on the black metal screen.  And then you have to make sure you use a case cutter to separate the paint from the frog tape, and then and only then can you take the frog tape off — because if you don’t do this, the frog tape removal will ruin your paint job.

This is mindless work; and I am not very good at this sort thing, as my attention tends to wander.

It would be perfect if the doggie pool finally arrives on Friday at the local Ace Hardware store.

That event would complete what I am calling the “Phase 1” creation of Geneva’s “habitat” — a milestone I will be achieving on time but vastly over budget (I knew the grilles were 32 dollars each, but I did not anticipate having to buy 18 of them!):  between the power drill and bit, wee-wee patch, Rust-Oleum, scaffold, paint, primer, grilles, the chaise longue, screen repairer, zinc nails, and various bleach, vinegar and baking soda products, I will have spent approximately 800-900 dollars to get the porch set up for our German sheppie, but who’s counting?

Geneva went to the vet earlier this week, and passed her physical with flying colors. She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, and already weighs 14 lbs.  The breeder says she is by far the smartest and most inquisitive of the litter.  None of the boys mess with her!

At this point, it is still not clear if we are picking her up on Saturday or Sunday; I prefer the latter because the traffic to Boca on I-95 is less insane then, but only slightly.  (Update:  it’s Sunday at 10am.)

Other than that, the sliding glass door salesman is coming today at 5PM (Note: annoying it is so late in the day, by which time I will be dead tired from all the prepping).

I expect I’ll be signing a contract and handing over a hefty deposit against the new sliding glass door install.

I think Geneva will love it here.  She does not have much of a view where she is right now, but once she gets here, she’ll get to see unusual things like the wood stork whose picture I took yesterday (see above).

You see why I had to install all these expensive grilles: the last thing I want Geneva to do is chase a bird by busting through the porch screen when she gets big and strong.

I could not deal with our puppy ending up one day as lunch for the gator who lurks in our back yard!

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