Book Club

Yes, Geneva devours books

Okay… did you watch the State of the Union last night?

Me neither.

In other news, today Geneva and I (we have dropped the nickname Velvet already, after rejecting Cookie too) spent most of the day on the porch together.

She understood “Sit” right away, and would come when called (after I walked away) and sit when I would tell her to do so. I didn’t overdo it with the training.  Just 5 minutes or so, 3 or 4 times throughout the day.

Geneva also had fun in the blue pool.  She likes to splash around and drink from it, and she is able to step out of it without needing assistance.  This pool will keep her cool when the weather heats up.

I swept the porch today, and we played a game with the broom stick that was very funny.

As expected, Geneva sleeps a lot, then she has sudden bursts of energy, and high steps it around the porch like a champion show dog. The piranha mouth sharpies are still an issue, but if I put up my hand flat to her face and say “No!” she stops it right away.

It is tiring to take watch her all the time, without being able to take her anywhere — such as the beach — to break the monotony. This is how it has to be for the next 6 weeks.

Tomorrow I will be taking her for a short outing to my wife’s store.  She will meet Kassel’s Mommy, who own a store next to my wife’s.  Kassel is Geneva’s full sister, and is not yet a year old.

But then it will be back to the usual routine of pool, porch, ball, ice cubes, treats, hard boiled egg, solid food, and side lawn walkees.

This may not seem like an exciting way to spend one’s time, in the scheme of things, but I enjoy it — and I have even lost 5 lbs since we got her, with all this running around that I have to do.

They say if you want to live longer, you need to keep moving.

But sometimes we don’t move at all, Geneva and I.  There is a lot of bird wildlife where I live, and early in the morning, while the sun is still rising, or at sunset, when you hear the birds loudly getting ready for the night, Geneva and I sometimes just sit together, very still, she usually under my chair, listen and watch.

It’s quite relaxing, but I need to find some yoga or flossing exercises to rid myself of the axillary nerve problem that I sustained when I fell off my bike last summer.

It hurts a lot, all the time — so much so, that I’m thinking of acquiring an organic way to ease this nagging constant pain in my arm, which no longer has a painfree full range of motion.

Getting older does suck in certain ways.

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