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Geneva crashed in the crate last night, and did much better on her walk and general behavior this morning.

Later, I took her and my wife to the store, then went to Pet Supermarket to buy a case of puppy food and some new treats.

There, I received a call from my wife:  a car driven by a senior citizen had plowed through the front display window of the store next to hers.

The old man had to be taken away in an ambulance.

This is the second time in two or three years that this has happened.  The last one was the on the other side of my wife’s store.

What happens is snowbies get old, and then they try to park in tight spots, get agitated and press the gas pedal instead of the brake (they go into this sort of accelerator trance thing), and the result is as you see.

I think there should be renewed driver’s license testing in FL after age 75 for vision and senility.

Anyway, I went back to the store, picked up Geneva, and took her home — but not before we stopped at a little cove I know on the way, and watched a big Lab off a leash go for a swim in the Intercoastal. You have to be careful here.  I saw a stingray right by the shore when Geneva and I walked to the edge of the water, and because the inlet is so close, there can also be bull sharks about. They come to lay their mermaid purses in the mangrove forest. Geneva seriously eyeballed the Lab the whole time we were there, and then we left.

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