Morning Walk Scenery

Here are pics of the entrance to my gated community where I  take Geneva for her constitutional most mornings.


It is now almost 8:30PM.


I have put in my 13+ hours German Shep Puppy shift, and now it’s my wife’s turn to take over.


I am retiring to the spare bedroom, as I need time alone to be able to start this over again at 7am tomorrow.


I’ll just veg out and watch a few episodes of Better Call Saul – Season 4 on Netflix until I fall asleep.


I’ll leave you with this piece of advice.


If you don’t have a great deal of free time on your hands (and a partner to watch over the pup for the 8 hours you need to sleep), are not in good shape physically  (as in being capable to be out walking briskly 1 – 2 hours a day minimum, plus many additional hours playing with tennis balls and sticks and tuggie toys), and have a high tolerance for constant and prolonged pain (from all the nipping and biting, unless you wear heavy leather work gloves and boots, plus catcher shin guards and wide steel cuff bangles around your wrists), don’t even THINK about getting a German Shepherd puppie as a pet and then whining about it in your stupid blog.

And now, let’s see what Gustav Fring and the gang are up to. Oddly enough, a bunch of Germans are digging a hole for him right now.

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