For all, not just the few

i have lived in america for many years — including 2 decades in fla, trying to get by on an income that is far below the poverty line.

think about you going through that.

20 years of living on less than 20K per year, with years of nothing coming in at all until early SS kicked in — after going through all my savings till nothing was left.

so  i understand where many of trump’s 74 million come from — the ones who were born with nothing, permanently stuck in a dead end life with nothing to look forward to.

i’ve also seen the wounded men from up north who once thought they had it made, until life took a bad turn, the one that wiped them out — and the wife dumped them and they had to trade the house in the suburbs for a rental in some fla trailer park where they slowly committed suicide on the installment plan.

every day here i witness endless American road rage, as strangers take out their venomous frustrations against one another, impotent against  a heartless system that has them by the balls.

meanwhile, the 1 per cent, the ones with the overflowing portfolios, as everyone else is starving or being evicted or barely hanging on, the ones with the concierge doctors who can get them vaccines before anyone else, the ones with the trophy wives and fancy cars, the ones who know that, as long they keep the rest of the country distracted with Jesus and the flag and beer and of course guns and football not to mention scare stories about blacks, “Mexicans” and Arabs, they will always be fine, no matter which way the wind blows.

if america’s so called losers every really wake up, my guess is that what happened on Jan 6 will look like a Sunday picnic.

so let’s hope for all our sakes that our new President will somehow find a way to make this country work 4 everyone, not just the few.

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