A shining town on a stolen hill

I support Joe Biden, though I know that Elvis has probably left the heart of what was once the heart of our now unrecognizable country.

I also support AOC, Bernie, and the Democratic party as a whole.

I am a NYC liberal, who lived most of his adult life in Manhattan, in cheap walkups and fringe Germantown neighborhoods.

I am also — not that it particularly matters — an immigrant from Egypt, who came to the USA at the age of 16, penniless and speaking broken English.

I’ve lived in Florida (but for several extended trips overseas to places like France, Portugal, and the Egyptian Red Sea coastline) for the last 20 years.

Thus I know first hand a thing or two about those smug, golf-cart retirees who supported Trump — and support him still, despite the criminal assault by the lower orders on the Capitol of America, lower order hog riding, beer drinking costume party clowns they would never invite home or mingle with socially except at brain damaged, fascist rallies.

After all, I do live in a gated community that’s all white — I call them Klingons, as they seem to be dedicated to clinging on to their pointless, dead end lives, and care only about how that investment portfolio — the one that allows them to glide easily from here in winter to, say, their clapboard summer place in Hogue — is doing.

And I am familiar with the tale of the scorpion and the frog — a cautionary tale well worth keeping in minding when seeking unity with amoral grifters who could give a shit about anything outside the ken of their provincial, lily-white, wrinkled pickleball world .

All I can tell you is this:  it is depressing that neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime stream Mr Arkadin for free. By doing so, are they not trampling on my Allah-given constitutional rights?

Orson Welles was a maddeningly uneven genius.

To not be able to see this ridiculous movie, in times such as these, is

an outrage!

That said, l look forward to Biden’s AG meeting the so-called coming storm with every federal means at his disposal — no doubt supported at some point, sooner or later, by redleg-type militia pursuing murderous insurrectionist Missoura treasonous scum to the ends of this Josie Wales earth.

Ditto state AGs relentlessly hounding and bankrupting the orange criminal — and his varmint clan — through every venue, until he/they is/are either confined in a sudden Leroy bf situation or hounded out of the country — no doubt to Israel, where Bibi will allow him/they to hide, until the next (at US tax payers’ perennial expense) arms deal needs to be made, and Donny and his ghoulish spawn and creepy in-laws and gold digger girlfriends or whorish foreign or domestic wives is/are thrown under the proverbial bus.

Ah, the future of late Rome America.

So bright.

Like a shining town or village or Israeli settlement on a stolen hill.


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