Publix Adds 3rd Day to make COVID appt


Publix has just announced that starting this coming Monday (Feb 15), people over 65 can attempt to book a COVID vaccination appointment on its Web site from hell. Floridian seniors will now have 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, and Fri) to try to book a COVID shot via Publix.

Yesterday, I attempted (yet again: this has been going on for weeks now) to book an appointment in a county that is near to me (I live in South Florida; Florida is a very large and long state).  No such luck.

Supposedly 27,000 appointments were made in less than 2 hours, according to a Publix spokesperson.

There is no way to independently verify this, as Publix is now hiding from the public the number of vaccines appointments available on its Web site — only a percentage of open slots available figure is shown (see my previous post), without any mention of the total number of slots assigned to any given county.

Meanwhile in the US Senate, pols were busy debating the finer points of impeachment — as Americans were dying by the hundreds across the country.

No worries there, as most Senators cut the COVID vaccine line back in December, including our very own little Marco.

Biden has to end this farce and appoint a COVID czar — an executive with substantial experience in supply chain management in private industry — to be in charge of deploying a national vaccine inoculation program.

This czar must be given Federal authority to override any attempts by state or local officials to derail or otherwise impede or obstruct a coherent, non-political, national COVID mobilization program in the United States.

This global tragedy must end as soon as possible, without interference by lying governors such as Cuomo or DeSantis, or COVID-denialists senators such as Rand Paul — and implemented in later stages in coordination with the WHO as well as the international world community, once America is safe again.

Do you hear me, Mr. President?

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