Why I am not taking my Covid 19 shot tomorrow?

sand crane
This sand crane looked like he was waiting to get in the ER too!

Quite simply, the ER doctor advised against it.

Let me explain.

I have been having severe back problems for a month.  This weekend, I spent much of the time literally screaming in pain.

So this morning, I asked my wife to take me to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.  I almost could not get out of the car, things were so bad.

But I could not take this pain any more; I simply could no longer function normally.

They took x-rays, and discovered the cause of the problem.  I will be talking about this diagnosis a lot more in future posts, and what I have to do to  treat it.

He also prescribed a new medication, including Tramadol that will tide me over for a few days.


But he also said that my taking the Covid vaccine shot could worsen my back spasms, and cautioned that I could end up in the hospital if that side effect kicked in.

So I have decided not to risk it, and wait till my condition stabilizes, and have the shot when I no longer have this intensely debilitating back pain.

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