Yom El Gomm’a

Today is Friday.  Joyous day to listen to a joyous song.

Yesterday, I tried to set up my XPS Dell tower.  It turns out that my display monitor is also kaput.

No worries.

I have wanted a 4k monitor for a long time; looks like now’s the time.

Meanwhile, back to what is important.

I am beginning a 3-day fast today — as a preparatory step for the deep and prolonged cleansing of my soul which I intend to embark on in 2021 — a rihla year in which I am dreaming of traveling to Istanbul, then going cheaply by ferry down various Mediterranean islands until I reach my beloved Alexandria.

I long to again gaze at the beautiful deep blue of el bahr el abyad, as I used to when I travelled with my mother from Port Said to Southampton on a Cunard or P&O ship.

It looks like I shall be able to get a COVID shot in the next week or so, so there will nothing to stop me from executing this pelerin plan except being out of shape or if Allah somehow does not wish me to pull an Ibn Battuta.

Better renew my soon expiring US passport!

Meanwhile, I did not have breakfast at sunrise.

I will go out with my dog (kalba, in Arabic, as usual, then upon my return, shall study up on 4k monitors and order one.

But more importantly, I shall read the 18th sura from the holy Qu’ran sometime today, and meditate on the meaning of being the meaning of futuwa (see previous post), and what the dog is doing at the mouth of the cave. I shall probably express my thoughts in a post on this matter, sometime this weekend.

Ya ‘alam! I may be completely alone in the land of the Neanderthals, cut off from el umma, for the moment, in an America that is devouring itself into further madness by the day — but il hamdel lillah, Gibreel is always near — and Allah is never far — as the essential tranquility of Sufism beckons.


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