3CHI Gummies Review

3 CHI Gummies
I only bought 1 packet as a trial

Like wow, man, yesterday I bought my wife a new iPhone12 Pro Max in an all cash deal at T-Mobile, and today the Delta 8 Gummies arrived.  She loves it, and that makes me happy.  Here’s a pic she took with the phone of the Christmas Palm that grew tall outside our house, after her late brother planted it there a whiles back.

xmas oalkm
Look at the amazing clarity of the 12 Pro Max camera

Anyway, about the gummies.

The last few days, I have been a lot more active than when I was laid up for a few days.  After abating from the medication cocktail the ER doc prescribed, the back pain from last week, returned — but nothing like before.

Since my doctor didn’t prescribe more than 12 Tramadol tablets, I bought the Delta 8 gummies as insurance. Verdict: Very pleasant, mild feeling of relaxation and contentment.

Within 30 minutes, the discomfort on my right side was gone.

An hour later, still feeling it.  No sense of being out of control, or having any kind of high like being stoned on hash, say. It just leaves you feeling mellow.

I am not even pissed that, once again, I was unable to secure a COVID 19 vaccine appt this morning via the Publix web site.

Lastly, the watermelon flavored gummy was delicious! I am definitely going to buy more products from this company.

I wonder… maybe if I took two, the world would start to look like this at night.

Stuart, FL
Downtown Stuart FL, in front of the Lyric Theater. Photo taken in early Jan using the same model iPhone by the T-Mobile rep who sold us a 12 Pro Max yesterday.


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