index card
SVG flash card template

Kilma means word in Arabic, and that is what today’s post is about:  words.

I decided yesterday that I wanted to dive back into programming by creating a tool that helps you remember words.

The app’s metaphor is the “flash cards” or “index cards” of yore, where a student might write a word or term on the front of the card, and its definition on the back.

The neat thing with this SPA (single page app) is that I will link to the relational browser database that comes with several major browsers, in particular, Chrome and Edge. This will allow students or end-users to set up their own lexicons, on a bespoke basis — such as a collection of important words in the domain of Sufism.

This will be an entertaining way to dive back into my programming jag, which was rudely interrupted in early Jan time by election-related shenanigans, plus of course the back pain from hell.

I think I will have some fun with SVG text, and also allow for Arabic words to be stored (the app will also provide a pleasant Arabic font).

The user could click on a word (the app would cycle automatically through the custom dictionary, slideshow style), which would cause the yellow card to flip front to back — and reveal the definition of the current word.

All in all, a very simple idea — but a good exercise nonetheless.

Would love to also develop it as an iOS / iphone app, but SWIFT takes a least a year to learn, and Safari no longer supports WebSQL, so there’s that.

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