Rosemary Tisane

rosemary tisane
Get yer pinenes here!


If you have never heard of terpenes — well, join the club, I hadn’t either until last week.

Today I cut a sprig of rosemary from a plant in my back yard, and plopped into a glass, and  poured boiling home-filtered water on it.

The aroma it gave off was immediately attractive — not like pine forest, as some reviews have it — just different, and nice, but hard to place.

The water became a darker green after I let the sprig steep for a while.

The taste of it at first was a bit strange. You get used to it, and by the time you’ve finished the glass, you feel good.

Other effects?

Made me breathe better, calmed down local inflammation in my right hip area, and allowed me to focus without getting frustrated or annoyed on setting up my wife’s new iPhone with all the apps and data she wants on it.

I wonder how the tincture feels?

2 thoughts on “Rosemary Tisane

  1. I tried this based on your post. I have a rosemary bush in my garden and my wife HATES rosemary. So now I am happy that I can use rosemary for something else. You nailed it when you said the taste is strange, but the after effect is wellbeing-ness. I came to appreciate the strange and floral taste after a while. I really appreciate your blog!

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