Covid Vaccine in Florida A Nightmare


In the lovely state of Florida, filled with every sort of Americana bizaroido  you can imagine, obtaining a Covid vaccine continues to be an ordeal.

This new group (see note by exclamation mark) will make it harder for seniors to get theirs.  Reportedly only about half the seniors in my county have had at least 1 shot.

Next week it goes to the over 60s.

This will continue to push back availability.  No worries about the muckie-mucks; they had theirs a long time ago!

So today, in about five minutes, at 7am, I will keep a browser window open to the page you see in the pic above.  The site refreshes automatically.  The slots will probably be gone in my county in under an hour.

After that — assuming the Covid lottery goes on at all (it was cancelled last Monday) — I will walk the dog and go about my business.

As a de facto hermit, I do not need this shot with any urgency.  I will get it eventually, though, when it becomes time to travel again.

Meanwhile, it would take with a grain of salt any claims about how everyone who needs a shot can now get it in FLA.



So there’s that…


leaving america

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