Chocolate Package Arrived

choc bars

choc bars

This was included as lagniappe with my order

Skinny: Took 2 squares — one of each, the dark chocolate bar and the milk one. 100 mg is too much. I recommend only 1 or half a 1, even. You get lethargic after an hour or so. Definitely makes you sleepy: I ended up taking a 3 hour nap. Makes an old man’s aches and pains easier to bear: I have knee arthritis from my basketball days, probably. You definitely get a buzz with this product. Three weeks ago, I could barely move from the back pain. Glad I discovered D8. Bottom line, I want to chill and enjoy the (many, I hope!) sunny days left in my life — without spoiling them with constant acute physical discomfort or a sense of deep irritation or frustration at the many annoying distractions and terrible things and horrible people I cannot control in this world.  Some would call that serenity, and D8 —  in modest doses — helps me maintain it.


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