Gutenberg Editor Now Foisted on WP.COM End Users

WordPress has been trying to foist a “block editor” (which it pretentiously calls “Gutenberg”) on its end users for several years.

Like many long standing WP end users, I chose to continue using the Classic Editor option.

Btw, I have a WP paying plan, not a free one.

So I should by rights be able to choose — which you can do if you self host your WP blog somewhere other than and load a plugin that disables Gutenberg.

I could choose G., or Classic on WP.COM — until today.

Now suddenly the entire Admin menu structure of WP has changed, without advance notice from Automatic or way to opt out.

I was totally gutened, er, I mean gutted.

I prefer things the way they used to be.

I don’t like to be forced to be use something I did not ask for.

This is overstepping my WordPress rights.

This is all so unfair.


UPDATE: I found a way to hang on to my Classic Editor!  😉

just go to your Avatar on the top right of your WP sys admin page, then select (from the left sidebar menu)

Account Settings -> and toggle the “Show advanced dashboard pages” option

leaving america

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