My Fall / Winter ’21 Schedule

ny jets logos


UPDATE:  I have decided to only go up one more time to NY this year.  The Jets suck, and my mother is simply too far gone for me to do anything more for her except to continue to make sure all her bills are paid and the house is monitored this winter of by someone reliable who will not unscrupulously rip her off in my absence.

With Mum ensconced in a posh nursing home up in a NYC burb, I may be commuting up and down to / from FLA to NY a lot this Fall.

If this happens, I’ll try my best to juggle my responsibilities in FLA (wife, dog, house, doctor visits, etc.) with visiting Mum as much as is feasible up in NY.

Trip 1 (see potential schedule below) will be to/from LGA; subsequent ones will be through White Plains airport.

Far more convenient, if you live in Westchester.

As you can see, I’ve tried set up the schedule such that I can view a maximum of NY Jets games on NY TV.  Can’t do that in out-of-market FLA.

We will see what’s what by Xmas, in terms of Mum’s health, and how the Jets will have fared this season of Zach Wilson promise.

Though saddened that Mum is now in a home, she has lived a very long life, and is not suffering the fate of many seniors: being warehoused in some crappy nursing home till they die, often alone in the company of strangers.

That said, I do look forward to once again having the opportunity to be proximate for extended periods of time to the place I consider my true home: Manhattan, the one and only — compared to which Florida is nothing but a backward, racist cesspool.

Other than watching Jets games and seeing Mum, there are TONS of things I plan to do in the Big Apple this Fall.

Can’t wait!

—– trip 1

9/8 lv fl

9/12 panthers
9/19 patriots

9/20 lv ny


miss 9/26 broncos game

—– trip 2

9/30 lv fl

10/3 titans
10/10 falcons

10/12 lv ny


bye week for jets

—– trip 3

10/21 lv fl

10/24 pats
10/31 bengals
11/4 colts
11/14 bills

11/16 lv ny


11/21 miami

—– trip 4

11/25 lv fl

11/28 texans
12/05 eagles
12/12 saints

12/14 lv ny


12/19 miami

12/22 lv fl… ?

#  #  #


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