Everyone My Age Is Dying

I am 70.

I have no friends.

I once had several clever friends.

They said clever things, and seemed to be going somewhere.

Haven’t heard from them since I was 30.

Maybe they’re all dead.

Now I sit in a small room with a large computer.

My left leg is bad.  Last week it was the right one

I used to pass the time masturbating.

This I can no longer do.

The palm I masturbated with is mishappen due to Dupuytren.

The other palm was never as good.

Besides, now what comes out nowadays is a drippy nothing burger.

Before it was oceans.  Now….

Bruce Willis has aphasia.  I suffer from apophenia.

But no one is writing about that in the NY Post.

What about me, yo?

I used to study the pre-Raphaelites.

Now I buy tees at Walmart.

I used to love a beautiful girl named Margaret in the splendor that was the South of France.

Now I am reduced to blogging in Florida in a flea bag motel, fearing when the little money I have runs out.


What happened…?

What happened to the guy I was supposed to become?

Now that everyone my age is dying,

what’s gonna happen to me?



leaving america





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