All Packed and Ready To Go

travel bags
I never need more than this to go anywhere in the world for months on end

The two trusty bags you see in the above pic have been with me for about 15 years, as I went — sometimes for really extended trips — to Tavira, Paris, Nice, New York, Tunis, Istanbul, Cairo, Alexandria, Dahab, and El Gouna.

My “Che” bag is a replica of the US Army bag I travelled to France with in 1971 — except that one was an authentic Vietnam-era army issue that I bought at an Army Navy Store in Albany, NY.

I have an old friend who reads this blog who might still remember the original. He might also remember that I used to wear skinny jeans.

At any rate, it is now 7:30PM.

The dog trainer came by earlier to pick up poochie; I will see her again in 2 weeks.  I was heavily criticized for my bad dog owner obedience techniques. Bof.

My wife is almost finished packing; just a few last-minute things left for her to do.

I watched a number of Better Call Saul, Season 5, episodes throughout the day; but frankly, I did not exactly find the pace of this show riveting, and skipped thru all the bits with Mike and the kid.

Will be setting the alarm for 2am.

Leaving the house at 4:30.

Should be in NY by 9 in the morning.


I have way too much to do while in NY to post, so news from the Big Apple will have to wait until the 20th of April.


leaving america


2 thoughts on “All Packed and Ready To Go

  1. He does! As for the skinny jeans…si tu as un gros cul a 70 ans, le monde s’en fout!

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