The Return of Mr. Nobody

mazda cx-5-
I’m still keeping the beater

This post is dedicated, with respect, to what Boris Becker once was.

It’s been a reasonably busy week for me in Florida.

On Thursday, I bought my tennis-playing wife a Mazda CX-50 as a birthday present.

On Friday, I had my Moderna second booster, and promptly became sick as a dog for 24 hours.

On Saturday, my beloved football team — the New York Jets — did surprisingly well in the NFL draft, and despite being under the weather, I still managed to get a lot of boring but important stuff done.

On Sunday, I recovered, and took my dog and wife to sheep-herding school.

german shepherd
At sheep herding school, a German purebred surveys

Tomorrow, Monday, I’ll be packing for my return to Westchester county, NY, where I graduated from High School.

Will arrive at my house there on Tuesday.

Geneva waiting for her turn in the paddock

For once, there’ll be no adoring crowds or paparazzi waiting at my doorstep.

At least I wont be going to Wandsworth prison.

Isn’t that grand?
leaving america




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