Divorce – American style

storms are a-coming

It doesn’t take genius to realize that the mugs of the violent thugs who tried to purloin democracy on Jan 6 look exactly the way many dudes, particularly middle aged or geezer dudes look in the benighted state of Florida.

So glad I now only live here part time.

cro mag pol
Look familiar?

The unisex signposts of this motley crew abound. There’s the baseball caps, optionally red.  The pasty faces.  The Neanderthal features.  The scraggly beards.  The latently gayboy costume party biker outfits.  The ubiquitous beer bellies.  The Walmart tees and ridiculous camo gear. The shiny Ford pickup trucks and gleaming Harley motorcycles that they ride without a helmet.  The brain-damaged accents, and moronic trains of thought.  The tedious anger and sense of white entitlement.  The fuck -you giant flags in the front yard.

And of course, the guns.

Some say, the bigger the gun or flag, the smaller the pecker — a compensation for deep-rooted, lifelong feelings of masculine inadequacy.

Some say, the bigger the gun or flag, the more racist the inbred racist pathology.

Some say, the Jan 6 committee is a shining example of American democracy in action.

It isn’t.

It is a shining example of how irretrievably broken America is today.

America’s problem with guns stems from its malevolent founding.  The country is fundamentally a 400-year-old European colonial project.  Its land was stolen from its rightful owners through a toxic web of guile and gunpowder.  Every American knows this.

Under all the macho bullshit is that knowledge:  every white American knows he or she is nothing more than a common trespasser; worse, a land thief.

If you grasp that America is at its essence a nation controlled by land thieves, then it will not surprise you how Americans behave, domestically and internationally.

The reason why Trump is so popular with so many is that he is a psychopath with no sense of guilt about anything.  Guile, deception, lies:  these are the values of the Republican party, and if truth be told, values that also drive many people who calls themselves Democrats.

They cannot help themselves.

It’s in the national DNA.

Thievery, violence, ludicrous interpretations of Christianity, a predilection for crooked playing fields, a tedious insistence on being special, on being Number One at any cost, the hagiographic worship of a convoluted constitutional document — arrived at by a gaggle of befrocked, periwigged white men, many of whom were vile, slave-holding plantation owners — that guaranteed that the true will of the majority would never come to pass.

Few Americas will ever come to terms with the fact that their country was forged on the backs of slaves on land stolen from its rightful owners.

What we saw on Jan 6 is the sublimation of that national sense of unspoken guilt.

Meanwhile, I predict things will continue to deteriorate, the mass killings will increase, economic inequality will get worse, the environment will be degraded beyond repair, as Americans rage over their rightful place in a disintegrating country.

Irretrievably fractured

There is no credible solution for the trauma that America inflicts on itself and the world other than divorce.

Instead of empty salutations to a blood-soaked flag, it is time for national politicians to come to terms with the fact that national divorce is the only sane option.

The time for setting up the terms of the dissolution of the United States is now, before it’s too late, before things worse — much much worse — than they are today.

As for me; well, I have a modest house up in Yankee territory — in addition to the leaky, broken down shack I own in Florida.

I hate that I have to say this, but I think of my small (but relatively safe) NY place as my insurance against a day that I know is coming.

November 2022 is going to be hell; November 2024 is most likely going to result in civil war.

The South by then will be no place in which an Arab-American like myself to live safely.

Call it what you will, but national divorce will be preferable to the only plausible alternative, the one where scores are settled with finality, and scorched-earth vengeance takes root far and wide.

Time for America to face reality and create a new one by ending this national nightmare.

There is no other plausible way out.

leaving america




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