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Below are 23 reasons why I am not moving to Portugal.

In Portugal, it is generally a pain in the ass for someone who is, say, over 60, to access a beach.

Here in Florida, I can just go by car for 15 minutes of pleasant, backroad driving, terminating under a canopy of Banyan trees, and I’m suddenly at a huge, empty protected wildlife preserve with plenty of parking.

So, again, this Portugal idea is out, in terms of going there in September with an eye to eventually moving to that country if Trump or DeSantis are elected Prez.

The Florida/NE snowbird two-step is back in, for now.

With that in mind, my wife and are going up to our house in NY in early July, and will be spending a few days in mid July at the Gris.

Plan to spend the time scoping out the area for houses and checking out the general vibe.

Meanwhile, I swam on the beach today for the first time this year.  Much more preferable than the disgusting communal pool where repulsoidal right-wing lizard skin geezers bake in the HOA I live at when in Fla.

The water was warm and clear, but I did not see any small fish or pelagic birds.  No sharks either, which I have seen come right up to the shore.  Lots of turtle nests, though, which is obviously a good thing.

I have lived here for twenty years due to this beach.

Try finding anywhere in Europe a beach this big and uncrowded and accessible during the summer.

Enjoy the pics!

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