Osprey Sighting

Went back today to my special beach to find me a shorebird or two.

I searched for them yesterday, too, unsuccessfully.

Frigates, pelicans, frigates, willets, sandpipers, even a plain old seagull would have sufficed… but there were none to be seen.

I didn’t despair, though, and came back today and walked northward along the mostly empty beach.  The water was warm, and there was a lot of seaweed today.

Eventually I spotted a majestic osprey hunting over the waters.

Osprey are the kings of this beach; they’re my favorite birds of prey.

The shutter speed setting on the Galaxy 8 camera I was using was too slow to catch it suddenly swooping down in what was probably a 200 or 300 foot drop to catch a fish in shallow water right along the shoreline.

Later, I also saw a pelican going back home to his nest.

Nice day.



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