How to Stay Calm & Enjoy the Rest of Your Life

jupiter island

Yesterday, the beach I normally go to was full of seaweed.  I walked about 25 minutes to the marker I set as a minimum distance for my daily exercise routine. Saw almost no birds except for a pelican.  No swimming in the ocean today, alas.


Chatted briefly with the park ranger about a dead turtle situation, further down, near what is known as Peck Lake. Will have to check it out when beach walking gets easier.

Though it’s hot in much of the country, the weather in this part of Florida yesterday was perfect for walking, with a light breeze and a few clouds blocking the sun.

Right now as I type this at dawn on a Thursday, the weather data is as follows.


Thinks it will be perfect for a nice, long bike ride, after I finish my morning chores.

foghorn leghornRight now I am about half an hour away from the start of Morning Joe.

I usually watch a few minutes of his aw shucks, I’m-just-a-simple-country-lawyer Foghorn Leghorn routine.

Some people just love to hear themselves talk.

When I’ve had enough of his predictable ramblings, my day will start for real with walking my German Shepherd by the nearby tennis courts.

Then it will be time to pay off some bills and do a few other mundane things.

When I am not engaged in a writing project, my general philosophy is to do one major thing a day.

Not two.  Not five.


So maybe one day you do your taxes.

Or wash the car.

Or plant something beautiful in your garden.

Or go for a SUP board ride in safe waters.

Or do an hour of beginner’s yoga for men.

Or go out bike riding for 10 miles.

Or read 50 pages from some intelligent book.

That is known as kicking back in retirement, and not giving a shit about the crazies out there.

It means you set your own time pace.  You are competing against no-one; conversely, as much as it possible in this world, you do not dance to any tune but your own.

This is how I’ve lost 15 lbs this summer in less than 6 weeks (so far), and brought my blood pressure down from 180/100 (approaching stroke territory) to what it was this morning when I woke up: 123/70, with a 60 BPM heart rate, without any heavy duty medications.

How did I do it?

The secret is to stay focused on a non-mickey mouse project that matters to you personally; trust your instincts; don’t sweat what you can’t control; and never get sucked in by anyone’s bullshit.

That last one is the absolute key.

As long as you always keep it in mind, no matter what, you will have at least a fighting chance of being as free as that pelican.

Well, dispensing clichéd, free life coach advice is easy.

Doing this shit consistently isn’t.

So turn off your computer, and go do something real for a change.

leaving america


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