Books I lugged up with me

Finally back home, after a slightly delayed JetBlue flight from PBI to Westchester airport.

It’s so good to be here!

Temp was 90 degrees when I arrived, but today it’s already quite different: the furnace that is Florida will soon become an unpleasant memory.

My blood pressure dropped 30 points today, just from the mere fact of being away from a place I truly loathe.

Today the big activity of the day will be getting my NY Public Library card at the main branch on 42nd St.  I’m going to need it to research my book.

I’ll pick up some weed from the Green Bus on Lex by Grand Central  and then tonight my wife and I will be having dinner at The Taco Project in Bronxville.

And now with Bojo the Clown gone, maybe the disaster that is Brexit will be reconsidered.

Unlikely, but one can only hope.

Having my red EU/UK passport mean something again would sure simplify moving to Portugal.

But it won’t happen: Tories will continue to pull the wool over the British people’s eyes, with the best of Londontown in the pockets of Russian oligarchs and Arab sheiks, and the main business of the City still money washing and tax evasion.


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