It’s Tuesday, July 12th, around 8am.

In about an hour or so, we will be getting in the car to start our little excursion the Deep River area in CT. The purpose of this visit is to scout the area as a possible alternative to Portugal.

But with all the negatives associated with living in America, I doubt we shall buy a summer place here — unless a real steal comes up — a $750K house on 2 acres of level property, say, being put on the market for under half a million.

I’ll be stopping first as at the BP gas station in Eastchester, then get on the Hutch around Mill Rd, swing north to Merritt Parkway, then on to I95.

I95 in general — it stretches from Fla to Maine — has a pretty negative reputation, and the stretch we are about to travel through (upper Weschester / Southern CT) is notorious due to wanton speeding and the menacing presence of so many 18-wheelers.

I have the directions to our hotel already written down by hand in my analog travel diary which does not require electricity or cookies to function correctly, irrespective of weather conditions.

We should be arriving in Madison around noon or so. Check-in is at 2PM.

I’ll put up some photos this afternoon.


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