Leaving America

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This post is designed to help make Google grasp what leavingarmerika.com is about.

I get so little traffic from Google, despite this blog being around for 5 years, that I have decided to give the Google search engine some help.

The problem seems to be that despite its vaunted “semantic parsing” abilities, Google is in fact as dull as dishwater when it comes to even a primitive understanding of human language.

Bing is not much better.

Type “leaving america” in Google or Bing and see you won’t see this blog listed, at least in the first 20 result pages.  I checked.

Type “leaving amerika” in Bing and you see leavingamerika.com right up there on the first page.

No such luck with Google.

Why is this?

Because at the end of the day, it is all about simple character and word pattern matching, aided by clever inferences, and various statistical assumptions.

So let me help the Google understand something very simple and basic: my blog is about leaving America.

You don’t need AI or the metaverse or meta tags to grasp this.

Leavingamerika.com is about Leaving.


Now some expats might wonder, why did I not call this blog leavingamerica.com?

You guessed it: that domain’s been squatted on since forever.

So that is why this blog is called leavingamerika.com, with a k, not a c.

Now this blog has been live for many years.

This is because I realized in 2016 that leaving America was the only solution to America’s seemingly inexorable extreme rightward drift.

Yet despite what I thought would be a popular motif a blog, very few visited.

And one of the reason seem to be that the Google is not proficient when it comes to semantics.

It actually has no concept as to what you are typing about.

And it has trouble — despite its apparent linguistic sophistication — deriving an equivalence between Leaving America and Leaving Amerika.

So let me try to help.

Google crawler bot, pay attention.

What is leavingamerika.com about?

Absconding the United States.

Another way of putting this is to say that leavingamerika.com is about decamping from the good old USA.

Yet another way to say this is to explain that leavingamerika.com is about hightailing it from the land of the free and the brave.

Yet another way to get Google’s semantic engine to finally grasp, after 5 long, hurtful years, is that leavingamerika.com has to do with splitting, vamoosing, skedaddling, escaping, and cutting loose from America.

In short, this blog is about American expats flying the coop .

Getting away.

Skipping out — of the United States, which is also know as America, a place that is generating a lot of expats of late.

Now do your job.

Index this post, and be a SERP mensch, otherwise I’m putting on my SEO black hat! 😉


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