Getting settled in NY

My new boots arrived

New York has been unsettlingly hot since I arrived this past Wed.  100 right now; I spent the first couple of days baking in 85 to 90 degree heat, till I got the central AC working again.

I’ve been mostly confining myself to the house, catching up on my summer reading. 

Went out only a few times in the Subaru to go shopping. I have had no desire to eat anything in this heat: just water and Gatorade all day, and as a result I’ve lost 10 lbs just sitting around. But  I plan to go to my favorite Chinese place tomorrow and pick up some takeout.

Meanwhile I briefly enjoyed the news about the Feds going to Mar-a-Lago yesterday to retrieve whatever it is that the seditious psychopath lifted from the White House on his way out.

I had been feeling somewhat “homesick” for Florida — as I miss my wife and dog something terrible — until I saw on the news a clip of cro-mag — or should I say maga? — pro Trump demonstrators in Palm Beach.

All the massively negative feelings I have about FL came rushing back.

Suddenly I was glad I’m not returning to that fetid shithole until Nov — unless some massively compelling reason arises.



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