r u celebrating 1444?

Before the Nakba

We are in Muharram of 1444, and for its first 10 days I ate nothing and lost 4 kilos.

I don’t know when Muslims in America began to forget. 

How many can tell you what year it is, let alone what month?

Yesterday was the first day I ate: chicken, rice, and soup.  It is always good to fast during the first 10 days of a new year.

Every day started at 5am with listening to an adhan on YouTube.

I emptied my mind of all thoughts and concerns, and then went about doing what needed to done that day.

Since ashura, there has been a lot of attention being directed at the American iblees.

I have paid him little mind, for attention is what this particular iblees craves.  He would wither and die without it. 

Instead I remembered this past day how beautiful El Quds once was, before the sahyounis desecrated it.

One day, this iblees shall have to face the balancing that is talked about sura el rahman.

I pray that Jerusalem shall also — one day — be beautiful again.

Allahu akbar.


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