Scenes from Grand Central

The one and only

I went to Manhattan yesterday to pick up some herb. The Uncle Bud truck was not open at 11am, due to a late delivery. So I milled around the Grand Central area for a bit, taking snaps of the Helmsley Building, where I once worked, as  well as of an Irish dive bar (now closed) on Third Ave, where I used to stop in for a pint now and then.  Around 11:30 I procured (for $60) a small package of sativa, which I vastly prefer over indica.  It’s cool that marijuana is now legal in New York!

The iconic GC Information Desk clock goes dark
They’ve removed the beautiful wooden benches to keep out the homeless who used to camp out here in the 70s
My private office was on the top floor overlooking Park Avenue
This is where I went to work during the dot com era
Sad. That could be me, but for the grace of The Big Elvis.  I came here on occasion, over the decades, for a pint or two.

Today I’ll try once again to get my   beloved fuul medames (cooked fava beans) from this marvelous, but tricky to find, Middle East grocer in Yonkers:

I’ll be hitting the Bronxville farmer market first, though.  That is where I go on Saturdays to replenish my supply of moussaka, as well as full sour pickles.


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