The Town Drunk

Vespa parked at the Bronxville train station

Took a walk today around town on my way to a 7pm AA meeting.

The outdoor concert that was taking place in front of the train station was pleasantly middle class.

I could have sat amongst them, fighting the inevitable impostor syndrome I would have soon felt — as parents beamed at their adorable children dancing to whatever it is the local band was going to play.

But in the interest of sparing myself that experience, I quickly moved on… to be with my people — the misfits, rejects and miscreants who used to be carted up the road in straight jackets to a lunatic asylum in White Plains called Bloomies.

Down this road is where I first saw my wife playing tennis back in the day.

The meeting was great. As the old saw goes, there are no bad meetings.

I decided to grab some Mexican food on the way home.

Tomorrow, I’ll be getting a haircut.

It’ll cost me $25, not including the five spot tip.

The curbside flower mound that sits in front of the barber shop

Other than hitting another meeting, and going to the supermarket to pick up supplies, that’ll be it in terms of drama and excitement.

Just the way I like it.


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