Wooly Bully

Source: Brittanica

I’ve rarely been an admirer of wooly thinking.

Who is?

Well… many — as it turns out.

Which of course lures the soul hunters.

They will tell you: we have been to the top of the mountain, brothers and sisters, and found this, or that, or the other thing — after being trapped for so many lonely years, just like you, in the wilderness.

And now, their schtick usually runs, we have found the answers you have sought so desperately all your life, just send 100 dollars to PO Box 495 in Topeka, Kansas, and you too can be saved.

Free at last!

The capacity for credulity — often intertwined with easily manipulated bravado or surface cynicism — is widespread.

Who hasn’t felt that if only this thing could happen, then everything would finally fall into place?

Most of us have at least one hole in our heart that seems beyond repair.

The false prophets know this, and will always try to take advantage — of our weaknesses, fears, insecurities, and longings for a better life.

Luckily you can usually hit the mute button, and put these predators on ignore.

I don’t know why or how we periodically get the drive or motivation to effect truly momentous, positive changes in our lives.

But it happens.

I’m going through such a period right now.

Miraculously, despite my predilection for brooding and doing very little for lengthy periods of time, a lot is going on, suddenly.

How this is still happening, despite my many stumbles over what has turned out to be a long life, is a wondrous thing.

I reckon I’m going to be busy for a while, paying attention to a lot of complicated details, and relentlessly driving this process forward, until I get there.

Wish me luck!


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