When things go wrong

Moon over Sicily

My wife and I are packed and ready to leave for Westchester, NY in the morrow.

It is almost 9PM; Florida has been unbearably hot since I arrived this past Wednesday.

I look forward to going back to the Northeast, where it will be far cooler — by 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Lovely, that.

It was extremely busy today.  I had to get my trusty Ford Escape out of the repair shop.  We had a minor crisis last night when the garage door coil snapped, and my wife’s Mazda was trapped inside.

That would have been a huge problem for us today — to be without a car.  Not just because of the Escape, but we had to drop the dog off at doggie motel, and leave an HOA application at the offices of a property management company for the house we are buying.

There was no guarantee last night that the garage door guys would be able to fix it in time for us to finish all these tasks.  And with the limo coming to pick us up at 8am tomorrow morning, well, my wife might have had to cancel her non-refundable trip to NY.

But instead of “huffin’ and puffin'” about this impending calamity, I woke up at dawn, and watched this Eckhart Tolle video.  Most helpful; it got me to a mental state where I was able to achieve ataraxia, and be okay with whatever the outcome the day might turn out to have.

In the end, we did get everything we needed to accomplish done — including securing an insurance quote on the new house, which I accepted.  Getting affordable home insurance in Florida is no small feat these days.

So… we’re on a roll!

I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

If I manage to adopt the principle of simply being present (to use Eckhartian terminology) when things go wrong again, we’ll be fine.

No doubt.

smiley with glasses


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