With Allah on my side

Listening to my morning adhan on YouTube

The stress of selling my late mother’s house really got to me yesterday evening.

I had a complete meltdown when the Docusign contract did not work as smoothly as the real estate agent said it would. 

I specifically asked her if the two electronic signatures (my wife’s and of course mine) would require multiple passes via two email accounts (my wife’s and mine), and the agent assured me that no, it would only require a single pass.

But after I completed my initial turn on my email account, Docusign intterupted the contract signing workflow, and threw me into popup ad hell, then took me to a landing page that tried to hoodwink me into creating an account with them ( implying that doing so was necesssary to complete the contract signing, a grifty misleading and false suggestion) — whilst advertising various ancillary services I did not want or need.

At exactly the same time, my phone rang:  it was a marketing call from some unknown third party pimping other services I did not want or ask for; these PR-accented marketing slimeballs had obtained my personal info through the home inspection outfit I used to evaluate the new home my wife and I just purchased in Florida — even though I had requested that my info be kept private.

I really lost it at that point; my blood pressure shot through the roof, and I started babbling incoherently to my wife, who responded by telling me to get a grip, collected her things and retired early for the evening.

Eventually I sorted everything out with the contract signing business, but not before I ruined what previously been a lovely day where we had a fantastc 3-hour outdoor lunch at an Indian restaurant in Tuckahoe, after buying some nice threads for her at Talbot’s.

There have been so many things I have had to fix or take care of with respect to putting this house on the market, over the last few months, that it just finally got to me. 

I am just about maxed out on this tedious, uncertainty-filled process — and there’s still a long way to go, including actually selling it in a softer housing market, one with steeply rising interest rates.

I am not by nature an organized person, but I have have had to force myself to become super focused on mundane but crucial details that come into play when you are trying to simultaneously sell two old houses in two different states (seperated by a thousand miles), each with very different real estate transaction rules and procedures — whilst closing on a third one smack bang in the middle of doing this.

It sounds crazy, but so long as I continue to meditate before the start of each day (see the pic up top that shows how I set up to do this at dawn), stay away from responsibility-avoidance drinking, and tune out any noise from the world outside that is not directly related to successfully completing these real estate transactions, I truly believe it’ll turn out okay in the end.

After all, I do seem to have Allah on my side lately — don’t I? (Nervously glancing up)

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