Using an iPad is Like Eating with your Hands

florida scrub preserve
The view from my office window

I was trying to edit a typo on this post (see below) using an iPad when my index finger accidentally touched WP’s “delete permanently” button.

Luckily I had save the post in text form, which I’m reposting.

I think iPads are absolutely the pits when it comes to trying to using them for anything that requires serious computing.



(last post start)

Since I posted last, much has happened.
Nicole, for one thing.
My old beater developed engine trouble the day before that unusually-late tropical storm-cum-hurricane made landfall just north of us — but we got around no problem thanks to our CX-50, and weathered Nicole just fine, my wife and I, that is, and of course the dog, tensely ensconced in the pleasant, solidly-built house we bought a few weeks ago (we are still hanging on, for the time being, to two other houses — one in NY, the other down the street from here).
It’s located on a cul-de-sac abutting a protected South Florida preserve.
Because of that glorious fact, nobody can build anywhere around us and ruin our privacy — at least until the county’s pols decide to further fatten their Bahamian accounts with more development backsheesh.
Spotted this yellow-bellied slider crawling across the lawn
The scenery is charming; the sound of the songbirds in the forest that surrounds us enchanting.  I even saw a bobcat the other day.
Best of all,  I have no visible neighbors  — a misanthrope’s dream, and highly unusual in Florida, on the east coast, particularly if one lives approx. 15 minutes away from the beach.
Thus, I am — at long last — no longer compelled to look at or interact with in any way the lovely people who live in this exclusive, gated HOA, most of whom no doubt overwhelmingly voted for DeSantis earlier this week, as they did for Trump in 2016.
I refer to them as FAs (as in fuckface assholes), since most them are all in with [insert your favorite Republican geezer characteristics here].
Instead, I get to look at bucolic, pristine views, as I toil on my computer, in a small, but pleasant home office.
Right now it is all about house painting (which I am doing myself, despite the cathedral ceilings), lots of various and sundry handyman work, getting new carpets and curtains, and furnishing the place such that we can actually move in.
I will try to finish this all up by the end of the month, before I turn to fixing up our old house (which happens to be down the street), in time for a January 2022 sale.
There is much work to do there, also — and, annoyingly, Nicole damaged part of the lanai in the back, due to rusting nails, which is going to cost me plenty to repair — since it will probably come just under the home insurance deductible.
I don’t particularly like doing all this manual labor, given my snobbishly patrician inclinations, and look forward to when I can continue developing my latest graphical application, which I am designing to allow end users to easily create Islamic geometric patterns.
To sum up the obvious, things are very busy for me in retirement these days.
I am generally pleased so far at the mid term US election outcomes, though disappointed in some of the NY results, particularly  in the Hudson Valley, where a college friend of mine lives.
And I am a week away from my 90 days of sobriety jag.
Moving to Portugal is still in the cards, if the 2024 Presidential goes south — thus I am going to renew this URL, when it comes close to expiring next month.
Otherwise, all is, or seems to be, well.
At my age, if you get out of bed in the morning, you’ve already had a pretty good day.

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